Footy Nouns are nouns who like football. All footies are generated at the time of mint and live 100% on-chain. 50 different kits for the top 50 ranked countries. Collect your favorites, build your club, climb the leaderboards, and show your support for your favorite squads.


Connect your wallet to mint your Footy Nouns

Last Minted Footy:

footy noun 825
Footy Noun #825RomaniaCenter Back




The first 500 footies will be made available to be claimed for free. This will be 10% of all footies (5000 total supply).

500 mints!

After 500 footies are minted (10% of supply), we begin building Footy Clubs. Footy Clubs will be able to be managed and displayed through the web app and will have the following features:

  • Name your club
  • Name your individual footies
  • Set a starting squad (3-5 footies, TBD)
  • Create a bench for non-starters (no limit)
  • Designate a captain for your squad
  • Build out a trophy cabinet (for future footy items from contest prizes, airdrops, etc)

2500 mints!

After 50% supply is minted, we begin adding contests with prizes that can be won based on your squad. These will likely be monthly contests with a leaderboard. This is how clubs will be able to start adding to their trophy cabinet. More details to come.

5000 mints!

After all 5000 footies are minted, we start building out a marketplace so that footies, clubs, and club items can be bought and sold.


How can I connect to Arbitrum?

Go to ChainList and add the Arbitrum One to your MetaMask configuration. Then switch to the Arbitrum network.

Where are the images stored?

All images are generated and live on-chain. This is done by encoding all parts and storing them in smart contracts. No IPFS, no central server, nothing, nada.

If you have any other questions or concerns, join us in our Discord.